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"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler." Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Welcome to Simple Egg Design!

If like me you are just starting out in Web Design and are at a loss of where to begin then look no further...I may just be able to help.

For us novices, the world of the world wide web can be a little daunting. There's a lot of tecnical jargon and also many aspects to web design, so finding a starting point amongst it all is no mean feat.

My first project therefore see's me taring apart all of the information I have gathered and relaying it in the simplest terms possible to help others overcoming the initial hurdles of web design. It's actually much simpler than you would have thought!

As I learn more I'll add additional resources and extra chapters to my site, so keep an eye on my blog, follow me on Twitter, and come back for another visit in the future.

I hope you find my site usefull!

So what are the fundamental basics of Web Design?

On the left hand side of this page you will see a list of page links to what I beleive are the fundamental basics of Web Design. So what are they and what do they mean?


HTML "Hypertext Markup Language" is the building blocks of web design and is the findamental language/code used to display information on the web. If you want to be a web designer this will be the first thing you will need to get a basic understanding of. Dont worry the basics are really simple!

Basic Tools of the Trade - Notepad & WYSIWIG

The basic tools of web design come in the form of "notepad", a text editor and a web editing tool called a "WYSIWYG" or "What you see is what you get" web editor. Here I will detail a bit about why and how they are used.

Using Images in Web Design

Although as you will find, creating beautiful Images has actually got nothing to do with Web Design, visual aids do help to make your sites alot more appealing on the eye. Here I have detailed some fundamental's that you will need to know that will allow you to spice up your sites with ease.

Uploading to the Web

Well it does what is says on the tin. Here I have detailed a bit of info on how to get your sites up and running on to the World Wide Web.


CSS or "Cascading Style Sheets" has become a very popular tool for web designers due to it's ability to simplify and seperate the design of your web pages from it's content. It is another set of code that you insert or attach to your HTML file to style your HTML content. Having a single file that sets the design of your whole web site is a real benefit so here I will detail a little to get you started.