Welcome to Simpleeggdesign.com

All about me!

Hello there, my name is Jo, I am a thirty something human being and I love learning how to code and design stuff for the web!

Around five years ago now I began my little journey into web design and have been doing part time courses and projects in my spare time.

After finding it quite difficult to find a simple starting point to begin learning web design, I decided the perfect first project for me would be to create something to fill this gap. My site "simpleeggdesign.com" has helped me to implement my newly found skills whilst breaking down the information I have gathered and relaying it in the simplest way possible to try and help anyone looking to start out in web design.

As well as my love of learning and sharing my knowlege I am a real creative at heart and a lover of all things design. My new found passion in life therefore really has to be CSS!

I will be adding additonal information to my site, updting my skills, blogging and tweeting as I go along, so come back for another visit in the future and dont be afraid to give me a follow. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again soon!

Courses i've done and stuff iv'e learned!